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          What Are the Wireless Communication Methods for Wireless Barcode Scanner?
          Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-04-11 | Views:512
          The wired scanner needs to connect to the computer through the data cable and transmit the data information. The wireless barcode scanner is more convenient to use. It mainly transmits data through the main communication methods such as Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, 433MHz, wifi, etc., which is superior in performance, especially Information transmission is more secure and stable than wired scanners. 

          The communication methods of wireless scanners are generally divided into short-range communication and long-distance communication. What is the difference between the two communication methods?

          wireless barcode scanner

          1) Short-range communication
          A. RFID
          Low frequency: The communication distance is within 1m, the communication speed is low, and the card is large.
          High frequency: The communication distance is within 1m, the communication speed is medium, and the card is small.
          Ultra high frequency: The general communication distance is 4~6m, and some active products can reach 30m.
          B.NFC: With a communication distance of 20cm, it is easier to use and safer than RFID.
          C. Bluetooth: The common communication distance is 10m, and the high-power products can reach 100m.
          D. IrDA: The communication speed is high and the interference capacity is strong.

          2) Long-distance communication
          A. Wi-Fi

          Working frequency: 2.4ghz, communication distance: 50m.

          Working frequency: 433mhz, communication distance: 50m.
          Working frequency: 2.4ghz, communication distance: 50m.
          Working frequency: 2.4ghz, communication distance: 50m.
          Working frequency coverage: 1.8ghz~ 2.4ghz;
          Communication distance: Through the base station extension, the signal is everywhere.

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