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          Category:Smart Door Lock

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          Product Introduction:Find and compare the right smart door lock for your home. Remotely lock and control access to your door from your Android or iPhone.



          High-precision Identification, Fast Decoding

          Key, magnetic card and WeChat app for opening, and add QR code for unlocking door functions, encryption processing, high-precision recognition, decoding only takes 0.04 seconds.

          National Encryption Technology

          The financial level security encryption chip module certified by the National Cryptographic Bureau, which provides national secret algorithm and high protection level for decoding QR code between using equipment and communication.

          Communication Method

          Using NB-IOT and low-power Bluetooth (BLE) dual link as communication mode, enhance communication quality, and add verification and failure retransmission mechanisms to reduce the bit error rate.

          Air Class Lock Shape Material

          Aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is not easily broken by strong impact, and has high-grade shape. It adopts an integrated molding process to ensure the continuity of the lock body and reduce the possibility of the lock body being opened.

          Shackle Panel

          Tempered glass panel, high cost, good transparency, not easy to scratch, high hardness, pressing is not easy to deform, will not melt when exposed to fire, high safety factor.

          Product Parameters

          SystemParameter   Supply voltage DC 4.5 -6V
          Low battery alarm voltage ≤ 4.8V
          Spare power supply Micro USB 5V
          Standby power consumption ≤50 uA
          Average trouble-free working time ≥25000h
          battery 4pcs  No. 5 alkaline battery  1.5V
          anti-static Touch ±8KV, Air ±15KV
          Working humidity 10% ~ 95%RH
          Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
          MachineParameter  data encryption National secret encryption algorithm
          Unlocking method QR code, password, NFC, emergency key, remote APP, combination unlock
          Material 6063GB aluminum  profile aluminum CNC
          Lock cylinder Class B anti-theft lock cylinder
          USB Emergency Power Supply Micro USB 5V1A
          2D codeUnlock Function Image Sensor 752X480
          2D code recognition 2D PDF417,QR CODE,DATA MATRIX,Support mobile phone mirror recognition
          NFCLock Function  Identification method RFID ( ISO 14443A,14443B)
          working frequency 13.56MHZ
          Customs lock Support (cards in accordance with ISO 14443A, 14443B)
          Door Card capacity QR code, NFC, password total 100, 3 group administrator accounts 3 groups of ordinary users
          APP  APP Support wechat  applet
          Electronic key sharing Support
          remote control Support
          Alarm message reporting Support
          Others Double security door opening method Support (2d code, password, nfc, any two of the same or different combinations)
          Flood control alarm Support
          Reset Hidden reset button
          Trial error self-locking function Support, any kind of unlocking mode for 5 consecutive errors, the system will alarm and force lock for 2 minutes.
          Wireless power switch Support

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