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          Handheld PDA Barcode Scanner for Warehouse Management System
          Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-10-09 | Views:1540

          I'm really happy with this PDA S2 PLUS. My name is radek from USA, I bought several of the 1D model and was curious about the 2D model. They both work great.

          -Easy to use android OS. I think it's Android 5.1. New enough to run almost any app.
          -Feels solid, but not too heavy
          -2D scanner works great. It reads the barcodes as fast as a 1D model and it's faster to orient than a 1D scanner.
           Handheld PDA Barcode Scanner for Warehouse Management System
          We are developing a browser based Warehouse Management System and these handheld PDA barcode scanner devices saved the day. It's so nice to be able to write code that is responsive and uses new HTML5 features and have it work on a piece of equipment that rugged and inexpensive.
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