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          How to Install the Bar code Scanner into Kiosk?
          Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-10-18 | Views:1786

          Kiosks make people’s life becomes more and more easier. Kiosk is not only used in the shop, restaurant, but also on Car-Parking. They replace the ID card by e-ticket with Qr Code.

          One of my customer from USA, they embedded our LV4500R Phone QR code scanner into their Kiosk in Car-Parking. When the drivers go into the car-parking, they scan their the barcode on phone through the scanners. It is convenient.

          How to Install the Bar code Scanner into Kiosk?

          While there is a question, how to embed the barcode scanner into the Kiosk? Firstly, I sent 3D’s picture of LV4500R barcode reader to the customer, and they are able to know the size of this barcode scan engine clearly. And there is a question that how to protect the reader from the rain, although the scanner is with glass and the firm housing, there should something to protect this engine from the rain. There are two ways to solve this question. First is to put one glass before the scanner; Second is to build one stand to fix the reader.

          As for the first way, putting one glass, the LV4500I scanner without glass is the right choice, this way will keep the reading speed of the scanners.
          As for the second way, fixing the stand, the LV4500R reader is perfect. According to the size left on the Kiosk and LV4500R scanner, the designer creates one stand, and then fix the scanner into the machine.

          RD4500R barcode scanner module

          With the development of Qr code, the Phone payment or e-tickets are hot too. And Phone bar code readers are with bright market. Rakinda is the 17-year supplier of barcode readers. LV4500 series barcode scanner is with high performance in reading e-ticket, LCD barcode. Any interest, please feel free to contact us.

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